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We Provide

Friendly Environment

A child is always eager to learn. With our learning-friendly environment, the child is encouraged to question and get inquisitive, and of course, our teachers address the eagerness of the child.

Competant Teachers

Our teachers are the heart of our school, sharing the same values as the institution and are pledged to mould the clay like child the right way.

Amazing Infrastructure

A Child at this age starts learning the use of various tools. We have age appropriate equipment and modules to let him explore the unknown right from the beginning.

About us

Delhi Public School, Sarai is managed by the DPS Educational Society, New Delhi, a registered body under the Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860 with eminent educationists and philanthropists.Delhi Public School, Sarai works on the philosophy of providing holistic education to all it's pupils while empowering every child with the skills to face the challenges of life. The school aims at nurturing the innate potential of the students and mould them into passionate, committed, competent, sensitive, value based individuals with leadership qualities.

The DPS Educational Society is a non-profit, no proprietary educational body widely recognized for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmarks of their philosophy and educational leadership and scholarly achievement, its mission.


Delhi Public School Sarai is an institution dedicated to quality education where kids Learn, Play, Explore, Invent, Think, Socialize and Enjoy. The school believe that education transforms people and educated people transforms Society, Nation & Future. HFHS prepare its students for ever Competitive, Changing, Challenging and Complex world. School emphasis on the All-Round Development of the child – Sensorial, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional, Moral, Social, Aesthetic, Creative, Cognitive and Physical Development. We at HFHS endeavor to nourish our students to be enlightened, productive & responsible global citizens who excel in a diverse and multicultural society. In today's cosmopolitan world narrow, parochial mindset will not work. if one want to succeed one need to compete with all the competitors at the global and level of competitiveness decide the stature at global level.


The School firmly believes that textual studies are only but a part of the full development of a child and therefore provides a spectrum of in house activities through its program of panchmukhi shiksha. The main thrust of activities at the hFHS are visualized to promote the development of a balanced and harmonious personality of the students including physical, practical, aesthetic, moral and intellectual aspects.

Director Message

Being a direction of D.P.S Sarai I feel very proud that D.P.S Sarai being a progressive institution is Constantly engaged not only in improving the Knowledge and skills of its students but is also Indeavouring to bring about their integral Development through a host of well planned Activities and personal examples and healthy Influence of teachers. I congratulate the young ,dynamic and vibrant Principal for the heartfelt and science effort to make D.P.S Sarai different and unique.In my view the parents too should perform a very Important task of partnership with the teachers of Lastly I wish togetherness so, let us all work together.

Raju Khan

Principal Message

I being the principal with my experienced team,Want to enable each one of our students to develop his /her talent and to realize his /her creative Potential including responsibility for their own Teachers are trying their best to cope up with their Expanded role in a fast changing world. At last wish a close partnership amongst the Teachers , parents,students, and the community Because it is an essential prerequisite for glaring Reasons.

Nirmal Singh